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About Pratt's Pro Fitness
We help adults in North Bay aged 40+ build the strength to age well and excel in the activities they love without performing workouts that beat up their bodies. 

Hi, my name is Jonathan Pratt and I started Pratt's Pro Fitness in 2011 to help people excel in the activities they love. 


Many fitness programs lack individualization, ignore recovery, use non-functional strength machines, or involve hardcore conditioning methods. This often leads to long-term movement impairment, injury, and poor results. Instead, at Pratt's Pro Fitness we focus on developing strength and quality pain-free movement.  

My focus is on your success. Take the next step and book a free strategy session.




Why Should You Train at Pratt's Pro Fitness?

  • Trainer-led sessions

  • Customized program based on your goals, preferences, movement screen, and injury history

  • Small groups allow for quality coaching

  • Judgment-free, friendly environment

  • Optimize your workout time

  • Ensure proper exercise technique and recovery between exercises

  • Accurate assessment of movement quality

  • Maximize gains by balancing training with recovery

  • Accountability

  • Even high-level athletes have trained here. Knowing what to do isn't enough.

  • You'll be pushed beyond your comfort zone.

  • Individualized programming

  • Niche specialties

    • Older adults

    • Joint pain and muscle injury


For more information about us including pricing and scheduling, fill out the form below.





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